5 Awesome 3D Printed Gifts for Your Loved One

It’s that time of the year again! As cliche as many consider Valentine’s Day to be, there’s nothing that puts a smile on a person’s face like a well-thought out gift from their better half.

If you’re sick of buying your partner the regular 1-2 combo of flowers and chocolates, perhaps you should consider 3D printing a present.

The variety available means that there’s literally something for everyone out there. If you’re spoiled for choice, Malta 3D Printing can point you in the right direction. Here are 5 of our favourite presents for that special someone:

1) Gift Boxes

The traditional gift box has been revamped thanks to 3D printing – and customized to your liking. Break the news gently with an “It’s Over” gift box or offer yourself to the person you desire with the classic “Be Mine” box.

Hide a small present or an engagement ring inside, be creative!

If you’re not feeling so adventurous, there are a variety of heart-shaped boxes and other simple designs.

2) Valentines iPhone 6 Case

Is your clumsy better half always dropping their precious iPhone 6? Give it some added protection with this durable phone case which will help absorb the shock from a fall. Besides the practicality aspect, we’re also happy to customize this item to your liking.

3) Ornaments & Decorations

Whether your a hapless romantic or enjoy showering your partner with regular gifts, have a look at these heart-melting products. Our favourites include a classic red rose in a vase and an interlocking heart, but the cuddling salt and pepper pots pictured really caught our eye.

If you’d like to go a little overboard and spoil someone, check out this over-sized set of heart gears which are sure to have heads turning.

4) Cookie Cutters

Baking can be tonnes of fun for the family. A delicious treat can turn any frown upside down, especially if it’s a tasty cookie shaped in a clever way. This is one particular area in which 3D printing excels – the creation of unique shapes.

Two great examples of this are the ‘Heart Wings’ set and this delightful ‘Kids kissing’ cookie cutters. As usual Thingiverse, has a wide selection of similar products available.

5) Fashion Accessories

We’ve all heard of the fantastic items of clothing 3D printing has been able to produce. While we might not all be able to afford a printed dress fitted with Swarovski crystals, other options are always available.

Nothing says I love you better than a neat little bracelet made out of red and white hearts, or a customizable heart chain. If you’re not in the market for those kind of accessories, check out this cool fractal heart barrette, great for girls on the go!

Valentines day will soon arrive and be gone in a flash, but 3D printing is here to stay. Should you want any of the aforementioned products printed, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Malta 3D Printing.

If you’re interested in a 3D printed gift, but nothing was quite to your liking, then check out this Thingiverse page for a huge selection of Valentine’s Day presents. We wish you a happy Valentine’s!

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