Bungee Mummy – successful gaming app!

We’re proud to announce that our partners and friends at Steampunk Wizards have had their ultra successful gaming App Bungee Mummy featured on SWAG, Malta’s Online Men’s Magazine!


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Steampunk Wizards are a group of passionate Maltese game developers currently enjoying their time in the limelight, fresh off the release of their smash-hit, Bungee Mummy: King’s Escape. Available for Android and iOS, it’s an ambitious gaming app which hits almost every nail on the head, providing players with a great mix of platform hopping and puzzle solving.
SWAG was lucky enough to have caught up with Josh O’Cock, Marketing Manager at Steampunk Wizards. Of course, we also spent a fair amount of time playing Bungee Mummy.

The high-production value is evident as soon as the title screen loads up. Greeted by the stars of the game, King Phero and Madu, players will instantly notice the sharp visuals and crisp sound booming out of their tablets/mobiles.

Gameplay is focused on maneuvering Phero, a small mummy shaped like a football, across various landscapes. Wielding a lantern, the green bat-like creature Madu will guide you along your journey as you collect golden scarabs and unlock a variety of powers ups.

Execute your movements carefully, or you may end up victim to a swinging axe, burnt to a crisp by a flaming booby trap or wind up as snake food. For every problem, there’s a solution, and players can’t simply breeze through levels.

Controls are responsive, and the physics are excellent. Generally, you’ll swing around by shooting out up to 3 bandages in a Spider-man like fashion to propel yourself over any obstacles. Should you need to move a box onto a lever to solve a puzzle, you’ll have to attach yourself onto a nearby ledge, hook yourself up to the box and swing it into the desired direction.

The game does a good job of showing you the ropes in the early stages, with simple instructions that you’ll internalize quickly.  Once you get the hang of it, moving Phero around becomes second nature.

However, even with full-mastery of the controls, launching Phero onto the right spot can still be tricky, and you’ll often find yourself stopping for a second to figure out how to solve a puzzle.

As you swiftly cascade from one ledge onto another, dodging enemy slugs, scorpions and sharp spikes, you may not notice the fine amount of detail injected into the game. Character models are superb, backgrounds are impressive and even the faint sound of crumbling ledges are pleasing to the ear.

Catapult Phero into the distance and he’ll let out a worried scream, and he’ll even whimper as he lands. The game’s music is enthralling, and plays to the context well. During a boss battle for example, the fast-paced music is exchanged for a down-tempo, ominous track which adds a nice touch of tension.

The difficulty is well-balanced, so both casual and hardcore gamers should be satisfied. With a number of secrets and extras to unlock, it’s also got its fair share of replay value.

Rarely, I experienced a slow frame-rate on my tablet, and I found myself occasionally getting stuck between a box and a wall, powerless to escape. Luckily, the Steampunk Wizards are on top of the situation, and they’ve already released one major update to the game. Besides those minor issues there isn’t too much to complain about, except the annoying advertisements popping up every so often. However, it’s a worthy sacrifice to make for a great game, and you can always buy the ad-free version for just €1.99.

Besides the addictive gameplay, Bungee Mummy is one of the first games to provide players with tangible rewards, in the form of 3D printable prizes. Steampunk Wizards teamed up with another local boundary breaking company, Malta 3D Printing. The collaboration between the two has resulted in some terrific models being printed. Players can select to print the protagonist King Phero and his green buddy Madu, amongst others.

The 5 Maltese men, 1 Belgian and 1 Briton were rewarded with a top 3 spot in the local gaming charts. Furthermore, it’s also only one spot away from the mega-popular Candy Crush in the Maltese App Store Charts. To top it all off, tens of thousands of users have downloaded the game via Google Play.

SWAG is proud to say this game was developed by a Maltese company. One long and arduous year of blood sweat and tears were poured into this project, and developers are now reaping the rewards.

The sky is the limit for the Steampunk Wizards, who are looking to go from strength to strength. Hopefully, this groundbreaking achievement will only serve to inspire other local developers to follow suit.

Download Bungee Mummy for free from www.bungeemummy.com/download.

by Martin Calleja Urry   |  March 14, 2015

Air Malta blog

Proud to Announce We’ve Been Featured Yet Again in Another Top-Notch Maltese Blog! Thank You Air Malta 🙂


There are very few 3D printing companies in Malta. It is a very small niche which the Maltese market has yet to tap into in depth. Although there are few companies that are in business at the moment, such as Pop-up Printing, Malta 3D Printing & Full circle 3D Printing. I had the opportunity to meet one of the technicians from Malta 3D Printing who has dived head first into this exciting new industry. 3D Printing has been around for decades, but has only became commercially viable in recent years. Also known as additive manufacturing, it can transform a 3D file into a real-life model in materials including plastic, rubber, metal and more.

Locally, this ground-breaking technology has inspired an entrepreneur to launch his own company. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, self-taught technician David Andrews intends to propel ‘Malta 3D Printing’ to the top of the technological food chain. Its aim is to put the consumer in the driver’s seat, with customization being the main focus. I had the pleasure of asking him a few things about 3D printing and his business.

“I found that other outlets available couldn’t offer me the options and flexibility I could achieve with my own techniques. Customers deserve full control of every aspect of the build. This is not a factory where we produce one product for a hundred people; we want to create a hundred different products for a hundred different people.”

Customers can choose to manipulate the materials, colour and resolution, print speed, print finish, spray work and more. Operating a 3D printer is no easy task, and David overcame various obstacles in his company’s early days, with his hands-on approach proving effective in dealing with technical issues.

One of his most prized possessions is a large, green helmet modelled after the protagonist from the popular video game series, Halo. David claims the helmet took over 60 hours to print, and will soon be fitted with custom LED lights and a visor.

The company boasts a wide range of functional and decorative 3D printed items. A recent noteworthy creation is the huge Storm trooper Helmet David’s team painstakingly printed, sanded, painted and attached.  Products are on display via the official Facebook page, which has garnered upwards of 800 likes.

His goal is to cover every aspect of 3D printing all under one roof, including file design and 3D scanning. Ultimately, he plans on offering educational courses to would-be students. With the official website under construction, David is processing orders through the Malta 3D Printing Facebook page, and via e-mail.


Top areas to watch in 2015

Happy New Year from Malta 3D Printing! 2014 was a Terrific Year, Check Out What’s in Store for 2015!


In the following video, 3D printing specialist Steve Heller reports from the floor of EuroMold 2014, the world’s largest 3D printing conference, held in Frankfurt, Germany last month, to share the biggest areas he thinks investors and industry watchers should monitor in 2015 and beyond. Going forward, it’s important for 3D printing investors to monitor industry developments to determine if they could have a material impact on their investments.

Steve Heller: Hey, Fools, Steve Heller here. We’re at EuroMold 2014. We’re at day three, Thanksgiving Day. We’re going to be talking about the top trends to be watching for 2015 in the year ahead.

A lot of these are going to be a continuation of previous trends, but I think they’re proliferating a little bit more in the marketplace.

No. 1: prototyping. Prototyping obviously had a very big presence this year at EuroMold. Basically, prototyping allows companies to bring products to market faster when they use 3D printing technology as a rapid prototyping application. I think that is definitely going to continue, going forward.

Materials, too; look out for new materials [that expand 3D printing applications and help drive adoption] in 2015.

In terms of healthcare-related things, I found this statistic really interesting: In dental, on EOS machines based out of Germany, there have been 10 million crowns and bridges 3D-printed. So, out there in the world, 10 million people have crowns and bridges in their mouths right now that are 3D-printed. That’s incredible!

Jewelry, definitely a continuation on the customization. I got to actually see micro-laser sintering from EOS, and that was an amazing technology. They’re able to print a one-micron-layer thickness – one-micron-layer thickness, that’s incredible resolution. I’ll post some pictures along with this video so that you can see for yourselves how detailed this technology is.

In terms of education, I think that’s another big theme going forward: creating awareness. We’re at the point where there’s a general industry acceptance, but it seems that EuroMold is a little bit in a bubble.

If you walk around and ask a normal person on the street that’s not tied to this industry, “What’s going on? What is 3D printing?” chances are, they may not know too much about 3D printing, or maybe they heard about that 3D-printed gun that one time, so educating people around awareness is definitely going to be a continuation into 2015.

In terms of aerospace, there wasn’t as much of an aerospace presence here. However, there was a metal 3D printing presence. General Electric didn’t have their booth here this year so they weren’t really pushing that aviation angle, but aviation is definitely a huge growth driver of direct metal laser 3D printing applications, going forward.

In terms of healthcare, I got to see a 3D-printed hip implant, which was pretty incredible-looking and kind of crazy! That was from EOS. I think healthcare is still another one of those areas that it’s individualized; you don’t need to make a prototype for it. You can actually print the final product. You don’t have to make a mold for it, you don’t have to tool for it. You can get an actual personalized, one-off solution for a patient.

I think that’s pretty incredible and that’s going to continue, going forward. Those are obviously the two biggest growth drivers of this industry: healthcare and aviation.

Going forward too, I think color is another big focus. 3D Systems had a big display of color, so did Stratasys, so did Mcor Technologies, which is paper-based color.

It seems that all the players are moving toward a full-color world. They’re not just looking for gray-scale prototypes anymore. We’re looking for full-color prototypes that actually show stress points. At low operating costs, that’s going to be a huge trend to watch going forward.

In terms of art and fashion, although right now it’s a smaller space, it gives 3D printing a lot of visibility and it’s extremely high-value in terms of profitability, for Stratasys, let’s say. Their art installation that they had here was absolutely incredible.

It’s expensive to create some of this stuff [art and fashion items] and it actually doesn’t necessarily move the needle in terms of their overall business, but it creates awareness. It gets people looking at this 3D-printed piece of art and saying, “Wow, look at the possibilities. Look at the freeform structure of this. This could actually not have been made any other way than with a 3D printer.” That’s the message that’s being portrayed there.

In terms of direct manufacturing, that was another really big trend this year, basically going direct to making either a finished part or a finished product with a 3D printer. I think that is definitely happening more and more as we go forward. I think that’s where the industry is going to mature to, and I think that companies are working to capitalize on that opportunity.

Another area that I think is a little bit more overlooked is research. You’ve got Oak Ridge National Labs, you’ve got this group, TNO, out of the Netherlands. They’re doing some really interesting things with proof of concepts, proving out technologies, licensing technologies, looking for co-collaborators. I think that academic research is another really interesting area of 3D printing going forward.

Then also, of course, it’s 2014: the 3D-printed selfie. It’s all about scanning solutions as well. Saw a lot of that here this year.

These, together, are all trends that investors and industry watchers — people that are just interested in watching how the industry grows and develops — these are great areas to watch going forward.

Thanks for watching, and Fool on!

by Steve Heller | December 28, 2014

Malta Comic Expo – we were there!

We at Malta 3D Printing had an amazing time at this year’s Malta Comic Expo! For those of you who missed out on this year’s event, we’ll see you at the next one! 🙂

This fantastic shot were taken by CaptureMe Photography. Check out their great work by following the link below:





New Malta 3D Printing’s Blog!

Announcing the launch of MALTA 3D PRINTING’S BLOG!

This blog will be jam packed with useful information about Malta 3D Printing and the printing industry, as well as bringing you the latest news in cutting edge technology.

Currently featuring ‘Our Guide to Overcoming 3D Printing Problems,’ visitors can expect this blog to be updated twice a week. See you there!

Follow the link below to check it out!


Welcome to Malta 3D Printing!


Welcome to Malta 3D Printings first Bloggerpost! Here you will be able to find out everything about our company and more!

We will regularly share our favorite freeware 3D files, special projects, latest news in the world of 3D Printing and other related articles. Check back for updates every Wednesday!

Our team consists of a tightly-knit group of individuals operating around the clock.

With CEO David Andrews, manager Martin Calleja Urry and head of administration Anthony Cristina, the company has had a bright start and aims to go from strength to strength.

Here at Malta 3D Printing, our focus is on your satisfaction.

We intend to deliver this by offering unparalleled customization options. We stand out from the crowd thanks to our myriad of modifications possible at every stage of printing.

Essentially, customers have a 3D printer of their own, minus the running and maintenance cost.

With a vast collection featuring models such as life-sized Master Chief helmets and glow-in-the-dark ghosts, our projects will only continue to grow in awesomeness.

In the case pictured below, the white pieces were adjoined to create a green Master Chiefhelmet. (Picture shown prior to painting and sanding, to illustrate adjoining technique).

This technology is very close to our hearts here atMalta 3D Printing, and we will continue to push the boundaries and develop new techniques.

The M3P technicians have been working in the industry for a while now, and we are so confident in their abilities that we are offering a price match guarantee on all our products.

by , 12 MARCH 2014