Malta Comic Con 2014 Recap

For the fantastic fans who attended the 6th installment of the Malta Comic Con, and those unlucky enough to have missed it – here’s a heartfelt review by Malta 3D Printing to echo the great vibes we felt over the weekend.

The well-organized staff knew they had their work cut out for them, but they really outdid themselves. We’re ecstatic to have contributed to this magnificent two-day journey, which ran smoothly throughout.

It came and went in one bright flash, but the memories and experience we’ve gained will not be forgotten.

Every fascinating nook and cranny at St.James Cavalier had an alluring exhibition. World-renowned sketch artists and comic book creators like Dave Taylor (Batman, Judge Dredd etc.), Andrew Wildman (Thundercats, Transformers) and Mike Collins (Spiderman, Doctor Who), amongst others, reached out to their Maltese fans.

Budding local illustrators also contributed pop-culture mash up, alongside heated gaming competitions, workshops for parents and children and a Fantasy Showgirls performance.

Now that the local public is getting a slice of the Malta 3D Printing pie, many know what to expect from us. We encountered a lot familiar faces, but plenty of fresh ones too.

We anticipated hordes of cosplaying crusaders, and as we predicted the turnout was excellent. The incredible level of detail put into the costumes was inspiring to us.

As a company that prides itself on customization, we were impressed.

A young Darth Vader, Big Boss and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Mercury from Sailor Moon, Captain America and an assortment of Batman characters like Poison Ivy all made cameo appearances.

Our pair of ‘Ultimaker 2’ printers and colourful array of products attracted interest from a terrific assortment of people. The video below is a tiny sample of proceedings at our stand over the weekend.

Similar to the Comics Expo, this event was the first time many people came face-to-face with 3D printing, a hot topic in the ever-expanding world of technology. Therefore, we received a flurry of questions from wide-eyed children to those young at heart, and the Malta 3D Printing trio answered every and any question.

Droves of passersby were once again lured into our puzzle competition.

Ten lucky individuals solved the enigma and were rewarded with a translucent Pokémon of their choice. Those unfortunate enough not to have completed the puzzle, although feeling slightly frustrated, still left with a smile on their face.

As we promised in our previous blog post, we conducted printing sessions on the spot for customers. Puzzle cubes in various colours were a popular request, while other creations included a pair of monsters from the popular League of Legends game.

The prospect of winning one of our products on display had attendees with a twinkle in their eye.

The three products available to those who chanced their hand at our raffle were a blue glow-in-the-dark Aztec warrior, a red ‘hell-skull’ and a crowd favourite, the Terminator T-800 skull in grey.

The lucky winner, Axel Scicluna, took home the menacing ‘hell-skull’ as a reward.

At one point, members of our team invaded the hallways of St.James, armed with an assortment of 3D printed weapons, spreading knowledge and wisdom.We sincerely look forward to working with some of the bright minds we met at this event.

As we slowly regain consciousness after this 2-day spectacle, we can only hope that similar events in the future can maintain the same intensity. Malta Comic Con 2014, we salute you.

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