7 Reasons to Choose Malta 3D Printing

Our priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction as our customer. Print with us and we guarantee you won’t hesitate to make us your number one selection.

1) Unparalleled Customer Service

The utmost respect for our customers is mandatory. Regardless of your knowledge of 3D printing, our staff will ensure the purchasing process runs smoothly.

Our live chat service via Facebook means that any questions or orders will be taken as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything, we’ve probably heard it before, after all. We’re also available via e-mail and telephone (+0035627031403).

Alternatively, make an appointment and we can speak face-to-face at our Birkirkara outlet.

2) Customization Options

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Resolution
  • Material
  • Infill (density)

Besides providing you with the power to choose the aforementioned possibilities, customers can also select a number of..

3) Post-Print Methods

A shiny new print fresh-off the build plate is still an unfinished product. Support removal, sanding and painting are also catered for, as well as chemical treatment using substances including acetone, amongst others. The extra man hours required to complete these works are factored into the quote you will receive, should you decide to print with us. Certain post-sale techniques merit an additional price.

4) Worldwide Delivery

Not only can you request a print from the comfort of your own home, you can have it delivered to your doorstep too. The joys of the internet! Locally, one of our deliverymen will bring your product to the locality of your choice at a time convenient for you.

5) Price Match Guarantee

We can’t stress this offer enough. Any product made available by any 3D printing company around the world will be sold by us at an equal price. In fact, we’ll even beat their whatever they’re offering. Our high standard of printing means that local customers only serve to benefit from this offer.

6) Bulk Discount

If you’ve placed an order exceeding a certain price, we’ll happily give you a discount for choosing to print with us.

7) In-house 3D Designers

The latest additions to the illustrious Malta 3D Printing team are two experienced designers with a passion for the exciting new world of 3D printing. Expanding our horizons means we’re perfectly capable of producing our own files. Have you got an idea you want turned into reality? Get in touch. You won’t be disappointed.

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