Have you ever been playing a video game or watching your favourite movie and seen something that you thought would be great to own in real life? Well, that’s why we’re here.

Utilising the latest, cutting edge technology you can hand-pick your favourite character, prop, or even an item of your own invention and bring it to life in a physical object. With materials that vary dramatically in properties, such as UV colour reactive and glow in the dark, rest assured that we can provide you with a product that will make a statement.

We also work with strong materials, such as ABS and carbon fiber, regularly providing working replacements or upgrades for machines in operation, ranging from vehicle parts to RC cars, and everything in between.

3D printing has revolutionised manufacturing in creating unique products for the individual as opposed to mass-producing identical items for the population.

Our company’s business ethic is to empower the customer by turning over all the settings open to the 3D printer, 3D software and our technicians along with their experience and know-how, resulting in extremely customisable orders, along with step-by-step customer support every stage of the way. This ensures that all customers can order a print to their exact specifications.