File of the Week: This extremely well-designed and detailed Scarab Box, complete with a nifty secret compartment that makes more a fantastic hiding place for your valuables! smile emoticon

The scarab beetle is a small model with a secret compartment which is accessed by pulling back a “drawer” and opening up the beetle’s w

File of the week: This intricately designed Ghostbusters Proton Pack prop that really pays homage to the franchise and looks like it could actually work.

…And now the Ghostbusters theme song is stuck in our heads for the day. Who you gonna call!?

In August 2011 my friend and I went to Wizard World Chicago. While there we met a couple of guys with Proton Packs taking photos for charity. Afte

File of the Week: Since Comic Book season is upon us, this week’s file is dedicated to a cult classic; A extremely well-designed replica of the T-800 Terminator Exoskull!

I’ve been looking for one of these a long time, but was unable to find a printable model anywhere. I finally gave in and heavily modified the ter

File of the Week: A Cabine for an iPad Mini. Maltese sun ruining your outdoor tablet usage? Slap this bad boy on your tablet and enjoy a glare-free screen! smile emoticon

#Watch your iPad Mini clearly even outside in full daylight! I often use my iPad mini **outside** for slideshows or demo for my FABlab. But when th

File of the Week: A portable chess set that all Star Trek fans will love. Play chess where no man has played chess before, with this great looking, easy to assemble set. The different platforms add a great twist to the classic game of wits!

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