Our *File of the Week* Selection is a Saint Patrick’s Day Themed Set of Glasses!

Get out your best green filament and get festive! These 8-bit glasses print all in one piece – arms and all! The corners of the frames are tacked down with “mouse ears” in the shape of shamrocks, so you’re all set for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!…

Our *File of the Week* is This Cool iPad Stand smile emoticon

You won’t need a waterproof cover for your iPad, but you may get some double takes with this fun stand. It was all modeled in Blender including the water splash. It comes in two easy to print parts. The pipes are shown painted with copper paint….

*File of the Week* is this Awesome Storm Trooper Helmet from the Upcoming Star Wars VII Movie!


OK! well now we know this is the actual helmet I took the old one, refined it some more, fixed the slant on the ear section, added the little props on the side of the head. All files have been processed with meshmixer and netfabb so they are all…

Get your own custom 3D printed Lightsabers! Whether you’re a fan of the old school Doublesaber or loved the cross-guard design in the ‘The Force Awakens’ trailer, there’s a design to suit you!

Malta 3D Printing shall be making our own and posting the results, so stay tuned for more!


There isn’t a single movie series as popular as that of Star Wars. Dating back to 1977, when George Lucas created the original Star Wars movie, the film series

File of the Week: A Tribute to Naruto, the Japanese Manga series that boasts over 200 million copies sold! The last edition was published 5 days ago, bringing the series to an end!


My son chose a Naruto themed costume for Halloween this year, so I designed this headband for his costume. The design should fit most heads as scaled.