Fallout 4 Pip-Boy and 3D printing!


Fallout 4 Pip-Boy schematics released for 3D printing

Bethesda confirmed last week that there is absolutely no chance now of anyone else pre-ordering the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition complete with a real Pip-Boy to wear on your wrist. They simply cannot get anymore real Pip-Boys made, and so we expect some very high-priced Fallout 4 eBay auctions following the November 10 launch day.

If you missed out on the pre-order, though, fear not as 3D printing is coming to the rescue.

The real Pip-Boy included with the game is essentially a piece of plastic that your smartphone sits inside. Anything plastic can be reproduced with a 3D printer as long as you have the schematics and printer to create one. 3D printers are becoming ever more common and falling in price, so that’s one part of this puzzle. The other comes from Fallout fan Yvo de Haas, who has released the necessary schematics for the Pip-Boy.

The schematics are available to download from Haas’ website. The phone version is available now in three different sizes, but an accurate version is listed as coming soon.

3D printing your Pip-Boy is a much more involved process than simply ordering one, obviously, but it could also be a very satisfying build. As well as printing the base unit, you’ll need a range of screws, wire, glue, sandpaper, a battery, LEDs, and a switch among other things, all of which are detailed by Haas on his website. You’re also going to need to paint it for that authentic look.

The schematics are being shared under a Creative Commons license, meaning you are free to copy, redistribute, remix, transform, and build the Pip-Boy, even commercially. That opens the door for someone with an established 3D printing operation to potentially offer pre-built Pip-Boys, although, Bethesda may take issue with that.


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