The future of music

3D Printed Violin Looks Like the Future of Music

It doesn’t irk me that one cannot applaud at the symphony until the end of the movement as much as it irks me that this symphonic norm was established in the late 1880s.

I think it’s time the symphony unstuffed its shirt and got a little jolt from the future.

New Da Vinci Instrument Unveiled

Just feast your eyes on this gorgeous two-string Piezoelectric Violin from architects Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg of Miami’s MONAD studio.

They created it with multi-instrumentalist Scott F Hall for a musical exhibition next month at New York City’s Javits Center for the Inside 3D Printing conference.

In an interview with BBC, Goldemberg told reporter Clemency Burton-Hill that the violin preserves the functionality and ergonomics of the classic violin, but has a character all its own thanks to the materials and methods in which it was formed.

Old Or New Violin? Musicians Can’t Tell

“Consider the tonality of classical guitar against that of the Les Paul electric guitar: they do sound the same in a sense, yet also quite different,” Goldemberg said.

The violin will be exhibited with other extreme interpretations of classic instruments, including a hornucopia, which is their take on the cello.

“Innovation in instrument design is a balancing act of paying homage to history and tradition while at the same time looking forward boldly into the future,” Goldemberg said.

I hope that after the group has finished playing, the audience will be allowed to clap.

by TRACY STAEDTER | MAR 30, 2015 04:54 PM ET

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