Help for animals – 3D printing

5 Brave Animals Benefiting from 3D Printing, Including TurboRoo the Chihuahua and Holly the Horse 🙂

Animals helped by 3D printing

The customization enabled by 3D-printed parts has been celebrated for how it can advance medicine, from prosthetic limbs to better pacemakers. At the same time, it’s been hailed as a potentiallygreener approach to manufacturing. Not only can these designs be fabricated by anyone who has access to a 3D printer, thus reducing the need to ship specialized parts, this additive process can cut down on material waste.

The technology has also inspired animal lovers and veterinarians to help all kinds of creatures, from ducks to horses. On the following pages, we’ve collected heartwarming and innovative ways 3D technology is helping animals have better lives.

by Margaret Badore | January 7, 2015

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