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World’s first 3D printed car design challenge: winners

Jun 6, 2014

An entire car will be printed live at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, September 8-13, 2014. Local Motors, the company behind the project, announced thefirst 3D Printed Car Design Challenge back in April, and more than 200 entries from 30+ countries were submitted during the six-week challenge.

After a review of all entries by an independent panel of expert judges, a total of seven designs were selected as winning concepts.

1st Place, Judges Vote: 

The top prize went to Strati, created by Michele Anoé of Italy. Strati had a unique design – its main body can be 3D printed in one single piece. The removable seats allows you to 3D print customized color and material of your interior. It has also front carbon fiber support for headlamp, mirrors, windshields and electronic parts. It had “excellent balance between innovation, complexity and practicality,” says Dr. Lonnie Love, one of the judges on the panel and director at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “It has good 3D lines and the retractable roof is really cool.”

Michele will receive a $5,000 cash award for his submission and will be invited to see his concept manufactured live at the IMTS Show this September.

Six additional concepts were recognized for their innovation and popularity among the members of Local Motors’ global community. The designers of each of these concepts will receive a $1,000 cash award from Local Motors.

1st Place, Community Vote: 

Internal Strut Frame by Taurusnut aka Greg Thompson took first place in the community vote. It is a favorite from the beginning. It has an innovative design that uses vertical struts to support the upper surfaces, saving weight and making a sturdy frame/body.

Innovation Awards (5, in no particular order)

Aeroblade by iMan

Also employing an innovative use of vertical structures to support external surfaces, catering to the inability of current 3D printing processes to bridge horizontal gaps, this multi-layer design was described as “very futuristic” by judge Douglas K. Woods, President, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. “This design really has the ‘wow’ factor, like something Batman or the Green Hornet would drive.”

3DPCX by Baunarsch

Creative structural supports – including the spine down the center – and a clean passenger compartment are defining elements of this concept. In his judges notes, Paul R. Warndorf, Vice President, Manufacturing Technology, AMT, noted, “By incorporating simplicity and innovation via smart design and smart deployment of vehicle features, the 3DPCX brings the openness of the road inside the vehicle.”

LM Supernova by sebastian.dib10

The LM Supernova incorporates interior design elements that are not only innovative and well thought out, but highly functional and lightweight. This is a great example of using good design and engineering to create a truly innovative vehicle. According to Woods, “The Supernova looks tough and fast, like a Formula 1 racecar.”

Mirage by velocityopen

The Mirage took an innovation award for the use of incorporating a 3D Printed safety structure, which is not only unique, but very innovative. Taking into account how the technology could be used to make a multi-layered body that could then absorb energy is a new way of looking at how 3D printing could be used to make single structures that are not only functional but also stylish.

LM e-Spider by Chavito

“A tribute to the minimalist in all of us, the e-Spider merges the efficiency of a smart car with the effectiveness of a desert dune buggy,” said AMT’s Warndorf. The e-Spider’s roof design and windshield connections, as well as the incorporation of shielding accessories to allow for use in severe weather, showed a great combination of innovation and practicality.

Congratulations to all the winners!


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