Malta.CC’s Malta 3D Printing feature

We are happy to announce that Malta 3D Printing has been featured on Malta’s Online Community Center aka Malta.CC!

Malta is rapidly becoming Europe’s tiny technological hotspot. With a national digital strategy underway and an ever-growing population of educated, tech-savvy graduates, it’s no surprise that Malta embraces every technological trend with open arms.

The latest wave of innovation to hit the island is 3D printing. It works by printing layers of material such as metal, plastic or biomaterial, breathing life into a basic 3D model.

At the forefront of the local industry is ‘Malta 3D Printing’, an online store with an office in Birkirkara. Led by David Nikolai Andrews, their business model focuses on customisation and step-by-step customer support.

Common items printed by Malta 3D Printing range from full-sized video game inspired models, to trinkets, movie set props and architectural models.

Pioneers in the 3D printing industry are already changing people’s lives – successfully printing blood cells, artificial limbs and entire houses. Clearly, this industry will one day have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives, influencing medicine, homebuilding and design, amongst others.

The experienced, friendly staff at Malta 3D Printing are proud to be taking part in this exciting journey in technology.

As one of the fastest growing companies in the field, Malta 3D Printing wish to honour their success in 2014 by launching a price match guarantee.

The company boasts a number of 3D printers, and prints in materials including ABS, PLA, Nylon, Rubber and NinjaFlex – an extra flexible plastic.

The team at Malta 3D Printing (link) can be reached via their main Facebook page, with their website currently under construction. Contact them if you want your ideas turned into reality.

BY · JUNE 16, 2014

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