How Can 3D Printing Save You Money?

Are you a person that likes to carefully plan out your savings? Do you intend on saving up for that much needed holiday? If your answer is yes, then you may want to look into purchasing 3D printed products!
We’re all aware of the extensive list of 3D printable objects
– from common household items to expensive designer clothes and movie props.

Its no surprise that reports from varying new sources are claiming that 3D printing can save us all a lot of money. But how, and just how much?

A Few of the Items From Pearce’s Study

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CNN reported on a study conducted at the Michigan Technological University, which involved researchers printing 20 different items. Upon comparing these items – which included objects such as shower heads, iPhone cases and spoon holders – to the equivalent ones available at online stores, they were astounded at the gulf in prices.

Redorbit also reported on this phenomenal discovery, claiming that Joshua Pearce, the head researcher, said the number could reach as high as $1,900 based off their calculations.

Of course, if a 3D printer would simply churn our cheap products, everyone would be doing it by now. Regardless of the big savings, most people would hesitate to spend their leisure time enthralled in a time-consuming DIY project.

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Pearce recently released a study which found families can save between $280 and $1,900 by printing some their own basic household items rather than buy them online. Pearce claims the relative ease of use and a growing community of 3D printing enthusiasts is making the technology a household phenomenon.